Grandparents Day



Learning Resources

Your child can access the following programs from home using the Student Links tab. 

Moby Max: This program assesses each student in math and language. It provides lessons at each child’s level to fill in gaps or provide advanced content. Students can also use this program to practice math facts.

Achieve3000: Students can use Achieve3000 to practice reading informational articles. There is also a writing center where students can practice their writing skills.

TenMarks: This is a math program students can use to review the 4th and 5th grade standards.

Spelling City: I have provided word lists to practice various spelling patterns. There is no password needed.

Respect Rap

These are the words to the Respect Rap we chant during morning assemblies.



If I respect you and you respect me,

We can work together cooperatively.

Respect means to listen,

to care, to compromise.

Learning to look through others eyes.

Show others they’re important,

because it’s true.

Try it and see what respect can do!